Testosterone therapy on ABC News

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Testosterone replacement therapy is featured in this news broadcast from ABC News. Features Dr. Karron Power of San Francisco, and Corte Madera, Ca.

Testosterone therapy on ABC News

Testosterone replacement therapy is featured in this news broadcast from ABC News. Features Dr. Karron Power of San Francisco, and Corte Madera, Ca.

33 thoughts on “Testosterone therapy on ABC News

  1. Just another attack on MEN being better MEN! There won’t be any ABC news
    about women taking estrogen to FEEL more feminine!!! They DONT want us to
    be MEN anymore… They want men to be girly, feminine, soft, emotional, and
    cry at the drop of a hat! I’m a MAN… I’m alpha, aggressive, assertive,
    confident, MANLY, strong, sexy, ect… I will NEVER become what our govt
    wants me to be… IM A MAN!!! And I will teach my SONS to be the same

    1. +CastingStonez faggots can get testoserone to become men…trans gender I
      am speaking off…no concern there…the homosexuals want us str8 males to
      be girly so they over power us

  2. Remember guys, women taking estrogen for birth control and period symptoms
    is ok but men who take testosterone to feel better and more alive is WRONG
    and isn’t ok

    1. +Fedor Amuricano Seriously? You’re going to try to compare WEED with legit
      TRT? We don’t need that crap in here. Find a new forum. Shouldn’t be
      smoking period none the less WEED. We’re in the fitness industry here and
      actually care what goes into our body.

    2. +Tom Brooks
      What do you consider legit? anything ur government say its legit , right ?
      Too stupid to talk to.. Weed use to be legit in the United states you

    3. +Fedor Amuricano Legit is anything that does not purposely degrade the
      body, ultimately causing tax payers more money or fill prisons and increase
      harm to others.

    4. Yes kid, weed should be prescribed, there are more than 10 different
      species of it , from musculine to femine …
      Obama is on his way to Hawaii now without permission if he should spend ur
      tax money or not, and U are currently shelling Syria and Yemen at the
      moment, i hope U know.. one fighter jet cost almost half a billion dollars
      … U got trillions in debt now.. more than any country in the world,
      because of war

    5. What does weed have to do with fighter jets, Obama, Syria being shelled and
      trillions of dollars in debt. Man your strange!

  3. So much bullshit, why is it that taking these substances is looked down
    upon? It’s ridiculous. So many people are brainwashed by the media. Fucking
    assholes. The truth needs to out to the masses. 

  4. you already know chris is banging out his wife twice a day every day tahts
    why she’s got that big fat smile on her face

  5. My test levels are under 300 ng and i am 37. Toxins in our food and
    environment will do that to man. I am the levels of an d80 year old so most
    def i will be on trt as of week from now.

    1. +outlawbenning Try being at 142 ng at 41. There are some people that just
      need it because there is something wrong with their endocrine system.

    2. Very true there poisoning us from Every angle got keep big phama alive
      there rubbing there hands together

  6. “…drops to 720 at age 60”? LOL! That guy is a little off. Average ng for
    40-45 is only 300-315. For 60 it would be even less. 720 it about the
    average for a 20 year old male at prime. I think he got his queue cards
    mixed up.

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