Testosterone Replacement Therapy Warning

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Warning

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25 thoughts on “Testosterone Replacement Therapy Warning

    1. +Mark Leitner You’d think when a 205 pound man with an obviously nice head
      of hair makes such a video about buying little kids clothes and not having
      hair….Nah, these YT commenters really are bottom of the barrel.

    1. +koalatyvideos i think there is some form of regulation on how much T you
      can take exogenously…
      your best bet as an athlete is to be on constant trt with the low levels
      they allow and then jump on a fullfledged steroid cycle when you are not
      being tested soon…
      get me? 😉

    2. +koalatyvideos best bet is dont get involved unless you do need it. you
      will be hooked for life . If you do need it though i wouldnt waste a
      second. In the right setting this medication is a life changer

  1. This is probably one of the funniest videos I’ve seen…Thanks for
    sharing…I start TRT soon with Aveed. I’m excited to see the results.
    Again, thanks for the funny video…

  2. This video was hilarious. The goofballs in the comments who do not
    understand sarcasm were even funnier though.

  3. Hey Mike. Love it, watched and listened to most of you pods and videos now.
    Great work keep it up. Everyone has been asking the question and I haven’t
    seen you nor have I heard if you have gone back on TRT yet? I’d love to
    know the answer. ?

  4. lololol, I wish I would have found this video 2 months ago, the sarcasm
    would have saved me a hundred bucks. Was on TRT for a year and freaked out
    about quitting so I spent $100 bucks on Nolvadex that never came. So here I
    am 2 months later with no PCT and my damn bothersome big balls are back
    making me uncomfortable everytime I sit down. So much for permanent shut
    down. Still chasing my wife around the bedroom too, I was promised by some
    very serious bro scientist that this would not be happening at this point.
    My wife is none to happy.

  5. Someone may have mentioned this already but there are also the dangers of
    Blood Clots– I wound up with a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and cheated
    death twice with 2 clots passing through my heart into my lungs (not too
    mention one year of blood thinners to combat the Pulmonary Embulisms) —
    all of this at 45 years of age– Dr had me ditch the Testosterone Therapy

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