Testosterone replacement therapy injections

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Testosterone replacement therapy. Features Dr. Karron Power of San Francisco, and Corte Madera, Ca.

Testosterone replacement therapy injections

Testosterone replacement therapy. Features Dr. Karron Power of San Francisco, and Corte Madera, Ca.

14 thoughts on “Testosterone replacement therapy injections

  1. Funny how these men all on it have defined arms. This low testosterone at
    this point in their lives is probably a kickback from steroid abuse at some

  2. man i just turned 33 i found out my test came back 339 an age of a 55 year
    old is supposed to be at im also on 200 ml every two weeks

  3. Not bullshit. Its just hormone replacement therapy. Similar to what women
    get treated for when they have menopause. Men just loose the proper
    hormones slowly over time, not all at once.

  4. I agree, what was the last guys problem?..low t is supposed to cause muscle
    atrophy…hmmmm…may be the good doctor is not so good or msybe he is too
    much to say no bad boy! either way he was pumped!

  5. I’m a 20 year old guy and usually around my age testosterone levels are the
    highest among men but I had really low testosterone. I used to constantly
    want to stay inside all day, got tired very easily, constantly anxious and
    worried for no reason, wanted to be myself, felt sad and unmotivated. I’ve
    started taking testosterone 3 months ago and I feel and act like a totally
    new person! I’m constantly active, I always feel like exercising or doing
    something physical, I’m much more happy, my face looks more manly and
    attractive, more vocal and more outgoing.

    1. +MwanJon20 – Hi, can i ask what kind of testosterone you taking? How often
      you get injected? Is it covered by insurance?

  6. Millions of man suffer from low t due to presence of endocrine disruptors
    in environment. I am in low 300 ng/dl and in my 30’s. Very difficult to
    find a good endo.

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