Re: Luimarco Testosterone Replacement Therapy Discussion

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Re: Luimarco Testosterone Replacement Therapy Discussion

Luimarco video:
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My Novice Program:
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34 thoughts on “Re: Luimarco Testosterone Replacement Therapy Discussion

    1. not even once, if he needs trt. not a man any longer, if you cant take care
      of your body natty how do you expect to take care of it on a lifetime
      supply of gear

    2. Ur missing the point.. Mens natural T levels decline and stay declining
      after the mid 20’s so why not stay the optimal range when you heading
      towards Middle Ages

  1. Nothing will beat twice weekly sustanon or test p/e injections. No
    peak/troughs. The half life of undec is not accurately known.

  2. *I hate lui. I lost count how many time I clicked on one of his thumbnails
    as click bait and just got some shitty vlog with no real information.*

    1. He used to be so fucking high energy and fun to listen to, but no longer.
      It’s kind of a youtube curse. Look at all the major youtubers of
      yesteryear. Chris jones, TMW, and matt ogus are all so burned out it seems.
      Elliot hulse did the right thing and left on a high, but batshit insane
      eccentric, note.

  3. Juggs, I am 45 years old and have been on TRT in the form of pellets for
    over two months now. Does this make me somewhat natty?

  4. I’m 25 and my total test was in high 200s. I was offered TRT but decided
    not to due to possible infertility side effect. What’s your take on this? 

    1. +bmwdinamo why you would chose to live with low test is beyond me. HCT
      therapy can often bring back lost fertility.

    2. +JuggernautFitnessTV Maybe his body is more efficient in using
      testosterone. How you would choose to recommend hormones without even
      knowing anything about the guy is beyond me! There might be other things
      like stress bringing his t down, you want his balls to shrink right?

    3. +anarchore free t is free t, if its low its low. this is because free test
      takes into account “efficiency”. now there could be other factors that have
      caused this low t, but you wouldn’t know unless u went to a specialist

  5. Should I still get my testosterone checked if I’ve never had any symptoms
    related to low test levels? I’m 30 and my bloodwork is otherwise good but
    I’ve never had test checked specifically to my knowledge.

  6. While only on 200 mg per week of Testosterone cypionate. I donate blood
    every 3 months as a precautionary measure and this keeps my RBC normal
    along with taking 200 mg of DIM (diindolylmethane) keeps my
    estradiol/estrogen normal. Never have had to take a prescribed aromotase

    1. +David Beining after you found out you had low test what was the process to
      start trt reason I ask is because i got my lvls tested today and im really
      low so im wondering what will happen once i see a doctor willl i start trt
      that day or what? Thanks

    2. +BangEmBeatZ my family Doctor sent me to blood doctor witch is on the 5th
      so thats when I should start had blood work done too before any of this

  7. Question – Love your stuff and want to go on TRT if my Test is low. But I
    have a blod thickining disssorder. Factor IV leiden. I am prone to clotels.
    Your thoughts?

    Alo why is pus hidden everywhere lol and I’ve even seen Pus in subliminal
    messages in your vids lol. Took me hours to pause at the right spot. LoL

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