no need for jelqing

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couple o clips from 1 match today
stay greasy fellas

no need for jelqing

couple o clips from 1 match today
stay greasy fellas

42 thoughts on “no need for jelqing

    1. I didnt forget about you, my monitors broken since yesterday noon, really
      bothering me, its green’ish and flickering and every 2 secs fading into a
      blackscreen with green/purple borders for 3 seconds. So i’ll go trough the
      pain and torture for You when im at home today and ill send you my
      viewmodels 🙂 unfortunate timing, im sorry for the wait. regards!

    2. +skodna – CSGO
      Thanks for the time you put into it really appreciate it and will love to
      use 🙂
      I hope you your monitor problem will disapper soon cuz I cant wait to see
      more from you 😛

    1. +Mikilox Hahahah im happy it turned out like this and everyone is so
      curious about the suggestions. Just google jelqing and you’ll know why the
      suggestions are there

  1. Thanks for all the good words and comments, my monitors broken atm so rip
    skodna 2007-2015 [*] Just gained 70 subs from one video. You faggots make
    me happy :D

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