Dr. Marie on Testosterone Therapy for Women

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"Women and Testosterone"

Dr. Marie on Testosterone Therapy for Women

"Women and Testosterone"

18 thoughts on “Dr. Marie on Testosterone Therapy for Women

  1. Hmm this is the part what I dont get. How can women sit and talk about
    injecting testosterone into themselves and this “Doctor” is saying that
    testosterone has positive effectson the moode, sexual behaviour, strenght,
    energy and all that. But they do not mention steroids work just the same
    way, and that infact testosterone is a steroid hormone. funny how we can
    take something and call it “testosterone therapy” and not associate it with
    “bad stuff” such as anabolic steroids.

  2. Notice her deeper voice. Is this doctor actually a chain smoker, or has she
    been taking her own medicine? Yes, testosterone will do this to you. Buyer

  3. Oh Gosh…I opened this up and then went on Facebook. I thought it was a
    male doctor the whole time. Must be the testosterone.

  4. So testosterone makes us men wanting to have more sex, but losing our hair,
    so making us more frustrated becoming less attractive. It boosts women’s
    sex drive, but growing them facial hair… making them less attractive…
    nature always finds a way, doesn’t it?! No, it’s just a universal
    equilibrum. But funny if think about it.

  5. really sad man, yet the woman promoting testosterone, looks like a woman
    sounds like a man, obviously she has overdosed, and the interviewer is the
    smart one!

  6. Very low levels of testosterone can ruin a good relationship as well as
    one’s well being. Thank you Dr Marie for explaining the importance of
    testosterone deficiency in women and for encouraging menopausal women
    everywhere to make lots of noise about improving the safest options
    available to treat this deficiency.

  7. I’m 33 and women in my family start peri menopause at my age. I was dealing
    with all kinds of menopausal symptoms. The dr did a blood test and told me
    everything was normal and put me on Zoloft. Several months went by and my
    symptoms kept getting worse. I went back in and they ran another blood test
    and determined my testosterone levels were almost non existent. I have been
    using the cream for a month and have noticed my hot flashes decrease,
    weight gain reverse, decrease in severity of mood swings. Increase in
    libido. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover this. (Frustrating that
    they will cover an 80 year old with erectile dysfunction though). 

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